Wednesday, September 9, 2009

After Summer Break, CUBA EN TUCSON returns with Fall 2009 programs

A Tucsonan in Cuba
(Un Tucsonense en Cuba)

September 17, 2009

7:oo PM

The Little Chapel / University of Arizona
Tom Miller has been visiting Cuba regularly since 1987 on writing assignments for leading publications, to visit family, and to lead educational trips on behalf of the National Geographic Society.
He is most intrigued with the cultural and political contradictions he has observed over the years, during which he has gained an intimate understanding of life on the island. He will share his expertise with us and answer questions about travel to the island.
Tom is the author of the book
–described by the Lonely Planet Travel Series as maybe “the best travel book
about Cuba ever written.”
Admission is $5
(includes talk and, as always,
delicious Cuban food,
and music)

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